Professional  Baking School in Delhi

Gone are the days when you would have to pay exorbitant fees and go abroad to learn baking. And trust us, nobody became a professional by watching videos on YouTube either.

With Truffle Nation you can master the art of baking in your very own city. Their hands-on teaching technique and expert guidance you’ll go from learning how to pre-heat an oven to making complex bread like Lavash within a few weeks.

Hands on Classes

At Truffle Nation, the teachers guide to at every moment but during the classes, you are in you in charge of each and every process. This means you start from the very basic and ease into more complex recipes without getting hassled.

You're not Just Baking

Recipe books are great but if you want to experiment and innovate, you’ve got to know the logic as well which is well covered in the detailed theoretical classes

Live Kitchen Experience

Whether you want to run a home business or open a bakery, getting some timely experience will do you a world of good. This why Truffle Nation offers a 1-mont internship to its Diploma students where you learn and work in a real kitchen.

Free Recipe Books

WIth the free recipe books that contain all the details about the dishes learned during the course, you will have

Get a Consultation

Starting a bakery isn’t going to be easy and expert help is always welcome. With over 25+ years of experience, their experts just the right people to train you, your staff and even help develop a future course of action.

Getting Started is Easy

The Complete Baker's Diploma

For the serious bakers looking to set up their own bakeries and become masters in cakes, cookies, and even chocolate, this diploma course is just what you need.

4-Weeks Pastry Arts

Take your Pastry skills to the next level and that too in just a mere 4-weeks. The perfect course for those specialists interested in either working for or opening their own patisserie.

Baking Essentials for Professionals

Find work at some of the best bakeries in the country with Baker’s Essential course where you learn to bake all types of cakes, muffins, macrons and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories Do I need to Carry?

Well, in short, nothing really. The school will provide you the very best of everything needed. From the worksheets, apron, cap to the tools and equipment needed, they’ll cover it all for you.

What’s the best course for beginners?

For beginners looking to start their bakery, the baker’s diploma is ideal. But if you’re only interested in baking cakes, cookies muffins etc. the Baker’s essentials would be the way to go.

Best Bakery Courses in Delhi

Learning how to bake is an art which requires utter diligence and practice to master. And while following recipes is a major aspect of baking, there are a lot of other things that you have to keep in mind if you don’t want your baked good to be a disaster.

So, it is always a good idea to enroll in a bakery course and learn from the experts on how to bake perfect cakes, cookies, etc. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are planning to learn as a hobby or making a career out of it.

Looking for a good bakery course in Delhi? Well, then you need to select a good bakery school which offers baking courses to suit your requirements. And honestly, there are many good baking schools in Delhi but if you want to learn from the best then Truffle Nation should be your first choice.

A thoroughbred baking school, Truffle Nation will make you a pro baker in no time at all. They will teach you all the baking basics so you have a strong foundation which you can later implement in your bakery as well. And it is not only a good choice for people who want to be certified bakers or want to open their own bakeries but is also perfect for people who want to learn baking for fun.

Of course, there are a lot of online tutorials which can teach you how to bake. But if you are looking for something real and long lasting then Truffle Nation is the best way to go about it.

Baking Courses Offered by Truffle Nation


One of the best things about the Truffle Nation is that they have a variety of courses to offer to aspiring bakers. They have foundational courses in baking, pastry making, and chocolate making and advanced diploma courses as well.

And they have simple and short classes to learn how to make a cake, pastries, etc. which usually are wrapped up in 4-5 days. These are perfect for people who are learning baking as a hobby and don’t really wish to get certified in it.

Out of all these courses, here are the three most popular bakery courses offered by Truffle Nation for people who are serious about baking.

Baking Essentials for Professionals


The perfect course to build a foundation for your profession in baking, Baking Essentials for Professionals covers all the basic essentials. This is a 4-week course which talks about the fundamentals and the science behind baking. It also teaches you how to store a baked good and how to prepare a variety of items like pies, tarts, cookies and so on.

With this beginner course, you will get 23 Hands-on baking sessions and will also get a Truffle Nation Certification on completion of the course. And once you complete this course, you will be ready to work in a bakery or open your own bakery.

The Complete Baker’s Diploma


This diploma course covers both the beginner and intermediate baking courses and is completed in 8 weeks. In this course, you learn not only the basics of baking but also learn to prepare exotic goods like crème brule, cheesecakes, and so on.

You also learn how to prepare a fondant cake and learn the chocolate artistry which will help you in becoming a chocolatier. And the best part is that after learning how to prepare this assortment of desserts, you will also learn about how you can open your own bakery.

They teach you how to prepare a menu, price your items, and so on. Running your own bakery isn’t easy but with this course, you will understand how you can start your own bakery and make it successful in a short time.

Pastry Arts Course


Finally, there is the Pastry Arts Course which is a 4-week course and can help you become a certified pastry maker. In this course, you will learn how to bake tea cakes, garnishing cold desserts, how to bake macaroons and neo desserts, and a lot of other things.

This course isn’t easy and is specifically designed for serious bakers. So, if you want to learn European baking techniques and become a certified pastry chef then this is the bakery course for you.

Advantages of Taking a Baking Class by Truffle Nation


As mentioned above, Truffle Nation offers a variety of courses which can help you become a skilled and certified baker in no time at all. Also, their teaching techniques and class structure is quite unique which helps greatly in learning.

Each batch in the Truffle Nation bakery courses has a limited number of students. This helps the expert bakers to focus on the students and makes the learning process even more informative.

And the best thing about Truffle Nation is that they don’t teach you by observation or showing you videos. They believe in a hands-on approach so you get to bake in the class and take the baked goods home after the class. Also, it’s not just about the recipes at this baking school. In fact, they believe in teaching the science behind baking which helps you to form your own baking recipes.

Another great thing about learning at the Truffle Nation is that after you complete your diploma course, you have a chance to score a 1-month internship here too. In this internship, you will work in a commercial kitchen and learn how to manage and run a bakery efficiently.

Another thing which makes Truffle Nation such a good choice is that they also offer short courses for hobbyists. These courses will teach you the basics of baking in just 3-4 days.



So, if you want to become a professional baker or are looking to learn baking for fun, then you should definitely enroll at Truffle Nation. Their hands-on bakery courses will help you become certified and get a job in a high-end bakery or give you the experience to start your own bakery.

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