It is so easy to reach the supermarket and have the loaf you love. Why not learn this art of making bread? Yeah, it is fun and once you learn this wonderful art, it is super easy as well. Just a few points to ponder and the steps as stated in your recipe and you’re done. All you need is your time and patience to keep a proper check on your product. So you get your recipe and we will provide you with those important points you need to remember while making bread at home.

1. Read the Instructions

You must be thinking, this is not a tip we all know that. But there are still many people out there who just ignore the techniques and instructions given to them and follow their own things. Don’t do that and follow what the recipe says. Even if it is complex, do it. Do the things in an exact manner.

2. Begin with the Forgiving Bread

So you know that flour, water, salt, and yeast are the basic ingredients you need to make a bread. But that doesn’t really mean that it is going to be very easy. Well, it is recommended that one should start with making challah or focaccia. While making them you’ll need eggs and butter that simply focus on a doughy surface and not on the crust.

3. Lay it All Out

Make sure all the ingredients are laid down on the table in front of you before you start the process. Remember you cannot waste your time running again and again to get the missing ingredient. That way you cannot focus on the product completely.

4. Buy a Digital Scale

You cannot be careless with the measurements of the ingredients because that makes a difference. While making bread, don’t go by the volume instead go with measurements of weight. That way you’ll have a better control over the proportions and the final results will be awesome.

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5. Know your Yeast

Well, there’s nothing with the dry yeast but wet yeast is something that is always recommended. The reason why wet one is always suggested because it gives your bread a better texture and flavor.  But in case, you cannot find the live yeast, dry yeast is also perfectly fine and is easily available everywhere.

Know your Yeast

6. Knead like a Monk

Take kneading as meditation. Forget about what’s going on in the outside world. Just focus on kneading. Tell your hands; actually, teach them what you want from your dough. After a while, when you become an expert in making the dough, you can actually feel and decide if it is perfect or you need to make any change.

7. Keep an Eye on your Oven

This is what a number of people do wrong. They just leave the bread in the oven and simply leave it. Treat your bread like your small kid. Like the one who needs full attention. If you see your bread is browning on one side very fast, please rotate it. Ovens are good but you cannot really trust them, so keep a constant eye on your dough if you want even results.

8. Write Down Everything

To live a good baker’s life you should have notes of everything like every small detail you have learned from all the baked goods. The temperature in your room while kneading, if it’s a humid day, or you waited for a few minutes just to put your work on Instagram. All these things can have an impact on your stuff. So, be clear with everything for the next time you prepare your bread.