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I Truly Feel Like I Mastered Cake Making at Truffle Nation

For years, I’ve watched my friends bake the most exquisite cakes, and I’ve been a little jealous. I have to admit I struggle in the kitchen. As hard as I try, I simply can’t get things to come out like I see on TV or videos I find online. When I heard of Truffle Nation’s Complete Cake Making Course, I was intrigued. I also had some fears. What if I still can’t do it? Will my classmates laugh at me?

My First Impressions

Here’s where Truffle Nation really stood out. You’re not in a classroom setting. You’re not watching the teacher make things while you take notes. I was working one on one with a talented cake maker. Everything was hands on, and I was treated with respect. There was no laughing at my lack of skills. Instead, the teacher, Kirty, took my weaknesses and showed me how to overcome them.

Kirty is as friendly as she is talented. She runs Truffle Nation and started baking when she was still a young teen. Her energy levels and joy of baking really make the class fun. I don’t know how she has time to teach, bake, and keep up with the business catering orders she receives.

What I Learned at Truffle Nation

The course is incredibly complex for the 12,000 rupees fee. I learned everything there is to know. I learned how to follow a recipe and put the batter together, from scratch no less. I learned how to get it into the oven and let it bake.

I had to overcome the temptation to take it out too early and end up with a cake that fell, but I succeeded! Each step of the way, I felt like I had the teacher’s full support and guidance. I never felt like I was being ignored or looked down on.

After I’d gotten making a cake from scratch down, there were other important techniques to learn. I mastered how to level the cake for a unified look. I learned how to soak a layer for certain kinds of cakes, and I learned how to make different frostings. Yum!

The very patient teacher also taught me how to frost and decorate the cakes I was making. Finally, the lesson on cake making even included classes on how to package your fully prepared cake. I haven’t seen packaging covered in other courses I looked at.

Some of the cakes I made in the Complete Cake Making course at TruffleNation included a stunning Red Velvet Cake, a more simple plum cake, the Fruit Feast Cake that got rave reviews, and my personal favorite – the Chocolate Truffle Cake.

As a person who loves everything chocolate, this cake appealed to my inner chocoholic and will be a cake I make over and over.

I Loved Getting to Bring Things Home

The cakes I made came home with me. I didn’t have to leave it at Truffle Nation. My entire family and even some friends were able to share my creations. I proudly got to show off what I was learning, and they got to experience my new skills personally.

One of the best parts about Truffle Nation goes home with you. You get an e-book packed with recipes and the techniques you learn in class. Even when I don’t have Kirty beside me, I still have all of his valuable information at home for reference.

I Definitely Want to Keep Learning

Now that I have cake making down, I want to keep learning. I plan to return to Kirty and Truffle Nation soon to tackle some of the other classes she teaches. One of the courses at the top of my list involves chocolate, my favorite sweet treat. I really want to learn how to make chocolates.

Therefore, she’ll be seeing me soon in her Beginner Chocolate Making class. After that, I’m thinking Advanced Chocolate Making is another that I want to conquer.