Frequently Asked Questions


Individual Therapy

What Do I need to Carry to the Classes

Just a pen and copy to take your notes should be enough. Apart from that, from the apron, the ingredients you’ll need etc. are all going to be provided.

Is the Diploma Recognised by banks?

Yes, with the TruffleNation Diploma you can easily apply for the loan.

How do I decide which course in best for me?

Well, if you’re planning to start a bakery then the Baker’s diploma will be best suited for you. But in case you’re still confused about it, feel free to contact the¬†Truffle Nation Team about it.

Couples & Group Therapy

Are there Weekend Classes?

Currently, there are no special weekend classes listed but you can contact their team and know more about it.

Do Truffle Nation offer Internships?

If you perform well in their diploma course and impress the teachers with your hard work and dedication, there’s a month long internship that you might be offered.

Where is Truffle Nation located

TruffleNation has 2 branches. One is located in Malviya Nagar while the other in Saket.