Nobody wants to spoil their morning coffee or evening tea, not even you, right? Generally, both these drinks are enjoyed with some sort of snacks like cookies. So where do you get these cookies from? From the nearby supermarket? Ah! Then there’s no worry but if you love to have some homemade cookies, be careful because you might face some of these common problems. Again no worry because we are ready to make you learn these problems along with the solutions or how to fix them.

1. Your last Cookie always has fewer Chips

In that case, you can keep some morsels to use later on. You must have gone through this problem that your last piece from the last batch always has fewer nuts, raisins or chocolate chips. And to overcome the problem we have a solution, do one thing, keep some mix-ins aside. Now, add them in the dough after half of the mixture is scooped out. That way you’ll get the same kind of cookies every time.

2. Your Cookies do not add up to the right Yield

If you also face this kind of problem then get a portion scoop for you. There are times when you portioned out your cookies in a different size. Some come out to be large and small since the size is not the same as your recipe calls for and do not produce the texture you wanted. Use a portion a scoop to get the same size and proper yield. You can have a scoop of different sizes according to your needs.

3. Your Cookies are always Burnt at bottom

This usually happens when you do not use a light-colored tin and also don’t use parchment paper for the lining. People generally prefer dark-colored bakeware because it absorbs heat quickly. But these bakewares also over-brown the bottom of your cookies. Whereas, you don’t have to face any such problem with light-colored ones but they are liable to stick. Thus, we prefer to always use parchment paper while baking cookies.

4. Your Cookies are not Chewy

If you want to get a chewy texture, make sure you take your cookies out from the oven when they are still not done (slightly), which means that the cookies will drop over the end of the spatula. Ensure that the crevices look moist and the edges of the cookies should be lightly browned.

5. Your Cookies run together

A solution to this problem is very easy: Bake your cookies in staggered rows. If you keep the scoops too close to each other, chances are they’ll join together. Make sure you keep the scoops in an alternate row. Understand like this, keep three scoops in the first row, two in the second one and again three in the third one.

Baking Cookies

6. Your Cookies are Unevenly Baked

For this, you should have proper information about your oven including their temperature because it varies from top to bottom, front to back and also side to side. If you don’t want an uneven batch of cookies you need to rotate the cookie sheet halfway through baking so that they get an even amount of heat.

7. Dark Chocolate Cookies are done or not

Well, it is quite difficult to tell when your dark chocolate cookies are ready. But there’s one way you can do it: Press the middle. A maximum number of cookies can be checked in this way, irrespective of texture, you just need to press the middle with your finger and if your cookies leave a little indentation that means they are done.

8. When you Leave your Cookies in the Oven for too long

Never let your cookies rest in the oven after they are done. Instead, cool them instantly on the rack. Take out your cookie sheet from the oven and transfer your cookies on the wire rack right there. And this is the time when your cookies get cool down fully.

Baked Cookies