Just imagine you are very excited to have those cupcakes going round and round in your oven. Of course, you have done all the preparations with great efforts and had done everything with full concentration and most importantly you gave your most of the day to it. And here comes your final product. What??? They are not the same as the picture you have in your mind.

Now you are just thinking what went wrong, did I miss any ingredient or did I commit some other mistake. To save you from such hard feelings, we have written down some tips you should always consider before you start with your recipe.

1. Follow the Recipe

You cannot afford to miss this step because here you’ll get to know what ingredients are required and if you have them or not. Also, what steps you have to do earlier or what baking tools you’ll be needed to make your dessert. So do not waste your time and effort to do things again and also your money. Ingredients are really important to make any dessert but if you don’t follow the instructions given in your recipe, it might fail. So, first go through the recipe and then make any changes if you want.

2. Ingredients at Room Temperature

You must have heard this or always asked to first keep all the ingredients at the room temperature. And that’s the reason why you are always asked to read the recipe so importantly. Well, it’s not for fun but there is science behind this ‘room temperature’ point. Ingredients at the room temperature are easy to mix and easy to use as well. So if your recipe says so, do exactly the same.

3. No Over-Mixing or Under-Mixing

Make sure that you neither show your full power-pack energy nor your laziness while mixing. You just need to mix the batter until you mix the wet and dry ingredients. That’s it. When you over-mix the batter, it gives your final product a tough texture. It also increases the chance of over-developing the gluten. This makes your cupcakes denser, so stop mixing after you see no pockets of flour in it. Extra 1 minute of mixing can be considered in case you find any big lumps. And when you under mix, it is obvious that all the ingredients will not be mixed properly.

Over-Mixing or Under-Mixing Cupcakes

4. Good Quality Cupcake Liners

Always get some high-quality cupcake liners and believe it or not but that really makes a difference. High quality and also greaseproof liners allow your cupcakes to slide out with great ease. We never recommend cheap cupcake liners as you might feel difficult in taking out your cupcake and the maximum batter will stick to that only.

5. Fill your Cupcake Pans Correctly

This is one such step that can make your batch perfectly or just ruin it. Never overlook this point because people usually just pour down the batter and then regret. There are possibilities that due to over-filling or under-filling your cupcakes would rise and then sink, or it can lead to cupcake mushroom top or it simple overflow. Well, it depends on your recipe how much you need to fill the liners. But we have a general rule to do the same: keep them 2/3 full.

6. Use Oven Thermometer Every Time

Do you have a brand new oven or a regularly calibrated one? Then you actually don’t need one but if not then my friend your oven doesn’t show accurate temperature. Yeah, that’s true, thus, you must have an oven thermometer to bake your goodies at the accurate temperature. A mismatch in the temperature always leads in dried-out or burned or unevenly baked goodies. Accuracy means everything in baking and there’s no space for any mistake. So get a thermometer and bake your goods with 100% accuracy.

7. Let them Cool Completely

Now you cannot deny this that you’re always in a rush and urge of having those delicious cupcakes. But wait, first let them cool down, let them in a proper shape. And also if you want to decorate them your frosting will also melt. Allow them to cool for at least 10 minutes in the pan. Then remove from the pan and keep them in the freezer for around 20 minutes. Now your cupcakes are completely ready. Decorate them if you want and enjoy.